Lost DFL Announcement

Announcing: Neptune’s Kingdom – The Lost DFL Coming Soon to Facebook

2020 Diving For Life virtual event
Neptune's Kingdom, the Lost DFL. Oct 24-31.

From the depths of the sea rises the LOST DFL! In 2020 we have all had to adapt, and so has Diving For Life. While our annual event which was to be held in Fiji has had to be postponed to 2021, we bring you an online alternative. As Neptune's Kingdom will be online, all of Diving For Life's past participants, or anyone for that matter, can join in.

Neptune's Kingdom is a bit of fun to maintain the DFL spirit in 2020. We will create some online fun in which you all can participate. We have some special 2020 merchandise, including an exclusive 2020 Tee Shirt. Most of us who attend DFL only see our special diving friends in person once a year. This year we encourage you to host a zoom cocktail hour with your diving buddies, and maintain that DFL spirit.

During the week of Oct 24-31, some special virtual events will be set up on Facebook to share your memories of Diving For Life. We encourage you to scour your photos and share these. Details are in the attached eBlast.

The Board hopes you enjoy your time in Neptune's Kingdom.

Matt n Tracy
2020/21 Trip Coordinators.

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Join us for DFL's 29th annual LGBTQ SCUBA Diving Jamboree
at The Pearl Resort, Fiji, Oct. 17 - 24, 2021

29th Annual DFL FIJI is Oct. 17 - 24, 2021. Open registration will begin in October / November 2020.

Twenty-nine years ago, Diving For Life was started as a fund raiser for a virus that was plaguing our community.  We have continued on every year since, raising well over a million dollars.  This year a new virus has hit the whole world and we find ourselves in a unique situation.  Your Diving For Life board had been exploring the possibility of holding the 2020 event in light of the changing circumstances around the world. With this in mind, and for the safety of all participants, the resort and dive operator, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the 29th Diving For Life jamboree until 2021.

If you were unable to secure your registration for the 2020 event, there is still a possibility that we will have space for you in 2021!

Create your DFL Member account and you'll be notified when registration re-opens in September! A DFL Membership account is be required for Jamboree registration.


It's been nearly 29 years since the vision of one man created the worldwide Diving For Life family. Since 1992, Diving For Life has held 28 Scuba Diving Jamborees with hundreds of participants in 14 countries, and affected thousands of lives with close to $1.5 million US dollars given to charity. So join us!

The Pearl Resort, Fiji

Who We Are

Diving For Life is a tax exempt, not for profit organization that sponsors The International Gay and Lesbian Scuba Jamboree. All proceeds from the Jamboree are donated to charitable organizations that support the health concerns of the LGBTQ community.

Birth of a Movement

One who "lives to dive" can also "dive to live." So proved Patrick Kelly when he gave birth to the First Annual Diving For Life Scuba Jamboree in 1992. A veteran diver in love with the sport and infected with the AIDS virus, Patrick's dream was to unite all gay and lesbian divers while raising money to fight the virus which was slowly depriving him of life.