St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean

September 14 - 21, 2024


Dive & Nature Resort

31st International LGBTQ + SCUBA Jamboree

Registration is Open

  • Alcoholic drinks included

  • Sailing, kayaking, paddle boards, exercise classes

  • Onsite wine cellar

  • Premium wines w/ dedicated sommelier

  • Private wine / alcohol tastings

  • Full featured spa

  • Award winning beach

  • Circus School (Trapeze lessons!)

  • Upgraded accommodations

  • Reunite with your DFL Family!

    Steve Mancuso


    Jim McVittie


    Golden Rock: St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean

    September 14-21, 2024

    Join us for Diving For Life's 31st LGBTQ + Scuba Jamboree.

    Diving for Life co-organizers Steve Mancuso, Jim McVittie, and the entire DFL Board of Directors invite you to join us for our 31st Annual Diving For Life International LGBTQ + SCUBA Jamboree hosted at Golden Rock Dive and Nature Resort, St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean.

    From cultural history to the most diverse diving in the Caribbean, St. Eustatius will gift you with a treasure of memories to keep for a lifetime.

    This green island nestled between St. Kitts and Saba, close to St. Martin, changed hands 22 times before eventually coming under Dutch rule, where it remains today as part of the Caribbean Netherlands. The island earned the nickname “Golden Rock” from its prominence as a trading port in the 17th century. In 1776, Statia became the first foreign port to recognize the new United States of America.

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