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Anyone can become a member. Use this form to register for a new account on DivingForLife.org. This is NOT jamboree registration.
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  • Please provide your emergency contact information in case we need to reach someone while you're attending a DFL Jamboree. Do not list yourself or people who are traveling with you on your DFL trip. We require this information from all travelers.
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  • Note: By selecting Non-Affiliated, your share of the charity funds raised will be distributed evenly across all of the eligible cities/scuba clubs above.
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    Link your DFL Member account to another Member's account. For example: Nancy and Gracie are a couple and always room, dive and travel together. Linking their accounts will help DFL organizers with assigning room numbers, creating pods and dive schedules, and help determine airport transfers and arrangements. For their accounts to be properly linked, both of Nancy would list Gracie's DFL Username in the Member Account Link field in her DFL Member Profile, and Gracie would list Nancy's DFL Username in her account. BOTH parties must list each other's DFL Username in the Member Account Link to complete the link.
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    Enter the DFL Username of the person to which you would like to link your account. Your DFL Username is the Username that you use to log in to the DFL website.
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