DFL Open Board Position Details

The Bylaws of Diving For Life 501(c) set out the requirements for Board Members of the organization.
You must be greater than 19 years old. You may be a citizen of any country.

DFL Board Background

Number of Board Positions:  9
  • Board Member may serve a maximum of 5 consecutive terms, or 15 years. The tenure of a new Board Member starts the Sunday after the conclusion of the Jamboree, or at a specific date provided by the Board.
  • Board members are elected by a majority vote of the current Board during any authorized meeting of the Board.
  • Each individual Board position has a fixed tenure which is set in the Bylaws. The rotating tenure of the Board members is documented in the minutes of the annual meeting of the Board.
Conflict of Interest:
The Bylaws of Diving For Life state the organizations Conflict of Interest Policy. In summary: all Board Members have a duty to disclose to the Board any interest – financial or otherwise – that they have with any organization connected to, or which is a beneficiary of Diving For Life.

What does being a Board Member entail?

The Diving For Life Board is all volunteer Board. There is no compensation – monetary or otherwise –  involved.

1) At a Jamboree

  • Attend Board meetings and get-togethers
  • Be a contact point for the attendees
  • Arrival and departure assistance
  • Assist on Auction Night
  • Step up to volunteer as required

2) In between Jamborees

  • Attend any ad hoc meeting online as required.

There are several elected office holders on the Board

  • President
  • Vice President and Region Liaison
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer – Diving For Life’s CFO.
  • Trip Organizers and Assistant

There is an expectation that on a rotating basis, Board members will organize the annual jamboree.

What we want from you

  1. The Board would like a short (less than a page) outline of the qualities you think you would bring to the Board.
  2. We would especially like your view on how you could innovate our events and communications to our attendees.

We will be assessing what each applicant brings to the position, as well as how they have participated at past events.
Send your application to president@divingforlife.org by Sunday, December 31st, 2023