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This untouched, authentic island has so many hidden secrets to offer.

From cultural history to the most diverse diving in the Caribbean.

St. Eustatius will gift you with a treasure of memories to keep for a lifetime. Take your time to discover St Eustatius beaches and contemplate the Island's volcano, The Quill. In 1756 the port city of St. Eustatius called Oranjestad was introduced as a free port including no custom duties, making it the most important trading port for the West Indies Company and the entire Caribbean, earning the islands nickname ‘The Golden Rock’. Here ‘the first salute’ was given to recognize the United States of America as independent nation.


The local people of St. Eustatius like to refer to themselves as ‘Statians’. Many inhabitants were born and raised on the island, but a sizable number are from other islands in the Caribbean. There are also quite a few people from South America, mainly Columbia and Venezuela.


The official language is Dutch, but English is the "language of everyday life" on the island and education is solely in English.


A passport valid for at least six months after departure from St Eustatius is required by all nationals. Visitors must also have an onward or return ticket, proof of sufficient funds, and proof of lodging accommodations.


St Eustatius is a special municipality of the Netherlands, so the same rules apply as if visiting the mainland in Europe. American, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand citizens do not need a visa and will be automatically granted 90-day tourist access on arrival.


110 volt/60 cycle, suitable for U.S. appliances.


US Dollar


Franklin Delano Roosevelt Airport (EUX)

Departure Taxes

When you depart from St. Martin on September 21st on an international flight there is a departure tax of US$30.00 per person.

Certain airlines have already incorporated the departure tax into the price of the ticket to include American Airlines, Air France, Continental Airlines, CorsAir, Delta Airlines and KLM.  If you are not sure, check with the individual carrier.

Airport departure tax of $15 cash only

If you are traveling to another island within the Netherlands Antilles, the departure tax is USD $15.00 per person.

Getting There

There are no direct flights to St. Eustatius. Most North American and European visitors fly to Princess Juliana International Airport on nearby St. Martin (SXM) and connect to St. Eustatius (EUX).

From there it's a short flight on Winair to St. Eustatius (EUX) or a fun ferry ride from Bobby’s marina (located in Phillipsburg on St. Martin) to Gallows Bay on St. Eustatius. (Check with Winair and Makana Ferry Service for baggage fees and restrictions).


DFL Boat Transfer* - AVAILABLE NOW!

As you make your travel plans, please keep in mind that there are a very limited number of flights into St. Eustatius. Therefore, we have arranged exclusive DFL round trip boat transfers from St. Martin to St. Eustatius as an option.

Round trip boat transfers leave from Bobby’s Marina on St. Martin to St. Eustatius. You are responsible for getting to Bobby’s Marina to catch the boat. These exclusive DFL Boat Transfers will only be available on Saturday Sept. 14 going to St. Eustatius and Saturday Sept. 21 going back to Bobby’s Marina on St. Martin.

There will be several departures throughout the day to closely align with the major flights from the U.S. There are restaurants and bars at Bobby’s Marina for lunch or snacks.

If you are arriving early or staying late, you are responsible for your own transfer to Golden Rock.