We are expanding our charitable reach by redefining the way we distribute charitable donations. The legacy SCUBA clubs largely define the regions, but we’ve also added a few new regions to accommodate areas where there were no traditional clubs. You are free to choose to affiliate with any region you wish. Here is a guide to how our new regions are defined.

DFL Regions

New Region Legacy SCUBA Club List
Pacific Northwest, U.S. Seattle – Bottom Dwellers, Portland – Ruby Red Flippers
Northern California, U.S. San Francisco – Northern CA Rainbow Divers
Southern California, U.S. Los Angeles – Barnacle Busters, San Diego – SDRSC, Palm Springs
Midwest, U.S.
Rocky Mountains, U.S.
Southwest, U.S. Dallas – Oak Lawn Ski and Scuba
Northeast, U.S. New York – Village Dive Club
Southeast, U.S. Washington DC – Lambda Divers, North Carolina – Sea Squirts
Western Europe/U.K. London – GLUG
Australasia Pacific Sydney – Sydney Underwater Bushwalking Society
Canada Toronto – Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers
Shared Across All Regions Non-affliated