We are expanding our charitable reach by redefining the way we distribute charitable donations. The legacy SCUBA clubs largely define the regions, but we’ve also added a few new regions to accommodate areas where there were no traditional clubs. You are free to choose to affiliate with any region you wish. Here is a guide to how our new regions are defined.

We are excited to expand our charitable reach by redefining the way we distribute charitable donations. The existing SCUBA clubs are largely aligned with the geographical regions, but we’ve also added a few new regions to include areas where there were no traditional clubs represented.

DFL Regions

New Region Legacy SCUBA Club List
Pacific Northwest, U.S. Seattle – Bottom Dwellers, Portland – Ruby Red Flippers
Northern California, U.S. San Francisco – Northern CA Rainbow Divers
Southern California, U.S. Los Angeles – Barnacle Busters, San Diego – SDRSC, Palm Springs
Midwest, U.S.
Rocky Mountains, U.S.
Southwest, U.S. Dallas – Oak Lawn Ski and Scuba
Northeast, U.S. New York – Village Dive Club
Southeast, U.S. Washington DC – Lambda Divers, North Carolina – Sea Squirts
Western Europe/U.K. London – GLUG
Australasia Pacific Sydney – Sydney Underwater Bushwalking Society
Canada Toronto – Toronto Rainbow Reef Rangers
Shared Across All Regions Non-affliated

Charity Selection and Funds Distributions Going Forward

We know you all are going to have questions with how charities are selected and funds are going to be distributed under this new regional model. The biggest change is to the selection process, while for most, the distribution process will not change. **

We want to break this down into bite-sized pieces, so we will introduce the new selection and distribution process to you over the next couple of e-blasts.

The core principles are:

  • Selection of charities will done by each region instead of by club. (New)
  • Actual DFL attending members from each region will choose their charities and submit them for approval. (New)
  • Charities are vetted and approved by the Board.
  • Funds are distributed directly to the approved charities.

This might sound a little complicated, but we know that you all will get the hang of it. More information to come in future updates.

** The Board has communicated our intended changes in detail to the existing Club Reps back in Dec / Jan.

How this process will work:

Regional affiliations are determined during registration

  1. Jamboree attendees will identify their regional affiliations during the registration process, with options from the list above.
  2. Those attendees who do not select a specific region will select, or default to, the choice “Shared Across All Regions.”
  3. A complete roster for each region will be created and brought to the Jamboree.
  4. During the Jamboree, attendees will not be allowed to select a different region from the one they chose during registration.

Goal: Faster charity selection process

For the charity selection process, our goals are to (a) allow actual attendees of the Jamboree to make the decisions on where their donations will go for their selected region; (b) have recommendations for charity donations completed prior to the end of the Jamboree; and (c) shorten the time between the end of the Jamboree and the funds going to charities. To achieve these goals, all charity recommendations will be made during each year’s Jamboree.

In the next e-blast we will provide step-by-step detail on how the selection process will happen and how you can prepare. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Cordell Brown, Vice President, Diving for Life at